Thursday, 12 July 2018

Free Workshop for PTSD Sufferers



 A new national project is being rolled out to support veterans with PTSD.

The Peace Education Programme is a free ten-week workshop helping ex-service personnel deal with past traumas and in turn enabling them to function in civvy street. The course was launched at an introductory event in Crook, County Durham.


 Chris Kay from BFBS (the British Armed Forces Radio Broadcasting Service) attended and interviewed some of the presenters to the Introduction to TPRF's Peace Education Programme held in Crook , County Durham on 26th August 2016.

The event was masterminded and hosted by the veterans charity Save Our Soldier who specialise in helping former service personnel(now including emergency services) suffering from PTSI or PTSD. Volunteers from The Prem Rawat Foundation collaborated with Lee Hayward (CEO of Save Our Soldier) to help with the presentation and included a short "taster" from one of the 10 main sessions to help illustrate what a Peace Education session is like in actual practice.

You can hear Chris Kay's report by clicking the picture above or the link below as the broadcast is now posted on the Audioboom website (audio content sharing\on demand platform) where BFBS have their own page.

 To find out more or enroll go to
 or watch the introduction to the Peace Education Program  

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